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Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS)

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New Plant, Lichen and Fungi Data Submission form

A new standardized data submission form has been created for plants, lichen and fungi to enable the efficient capture and storage of submitted data. The new data submission form contains fields similar to the previous form, plus a few new fields. Two new fields of note located on the Project Worksheet include: "Survey Area" and "Survey Effort". Information provided in these fields contributes to evaluating the amount of survey effort devoted to given species as well as identifying the area in which a species is not found or null data. IN NEWER VERSIONS OF MICROSOFT EXCEL, BE SURE TO ENABLE THE MACROS CONTENT USING THE OPTIONS BUTTON OR CLICKING "ENABLE CONTENT" TO APPLY AUTOFILL FOR THE 'TARGET SPECIES ELEMENT CODE' AND THE 'SPECIES CODE' FIELDS. A 'DOUBLE CLICK' ON THE CELLS IN THESE FIELDS IS REQUIRED TO ENTER SPECIES CODES USING THE AUTOFILL. Use the subject line "Data Submission" and send any additional information, such as shapefiles, maps, photos, reports, etc., along with the data submission form as attachments.  A Help Guide is available

Element Occurrence Data Updated to June 2013

ACIMS has updated Element Occurrence (EO) information in

Any previous occurrence files (dated November 2012) are now outdated and should no longer be used. New files for occurrences must be downloaded or searched using the Search ACIMS Data Map. Occurrence data are updated regularly so ensure you're using the latest ACIMS files for every search.

NEW FEATURE - Crown Reservations/Notations and '100 metre proximity polygons' added to 'ACIMS Search Data' map

Crown Reservations/Notations will now appear in the 'Table of Results' when searching by section or township in the ACIMS Search Data map.  These areas are not full Alberta Protected Areas but may have restrictions on development, any questions should be sent to

100 metre proximity polygons around all Protected Areas and Crown Reservations/Notations can now be seen in the ACIMS Search data map, legend and 'table of results'.  These proximity polygons do not represent ownership/management authority by Alberta Parks of the lands they fall upon, however there may be reasons to consult with Alberta Parks about activities in the area.  In all cases send an email to for any questions

What is ACIMS?

ACIMS is a data centre that provides biodiversity information on Alberta's species, natural ecological communities and sites. Information about the location, condition, status and trends of selected elements is collected, updated, analyzed and disseminated.

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