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Submit Plant, Lichen and Fungi Observations

  • The recent completion of the General Status Review resulted in significant changes to the elements on the Vascular Plant, Non-Vascular Plant and Lichen Lists for Alberta. This severely limited the use of the drop-down element list feature on the data submission form. In order to enable continued data submissions using the most current tracking/watch list, we are temporarily returning to the old plant data form in which the species name must be entered rather than selected. Please use the most current element lists.  Do do not use any lists dated prior to July 2015.

  • Use the Rare Native Plant, Lichen and Fungi Data Submission Form to submit data for vascular and non-vascular plants, lichen and fungi. Be sure to indicate who made the identification.  If possible, please include a few close-up photos of the characteristic features used to identify the plant observed.

  • Send completed forms to with the subject line "Data Submission".

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Submit Ecological Community Observations

Submit Vertebrate Observations

Still unsure what form to use or where to send data? Check our frequently asked questions.