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Parks Day

Parks Day - Cake

Mark July 18, 2015 on your calendar!  Parks Day is celebrated nation-wide on the third Saturday in July. (It's celebrated in Bow Valley Provincial Park on July 19.)

Participating provincial parks across Alberta will host fun activities for the whole family. Enter a sandcastle-building competition, learn about bear safety, go on a scavenger hunt, enjoy a campfire or just connect with nature.  Parks Day is a great opportunity for Albertans to rediscover fun and reconnect with nature.  

Parks Day Events

Jul 18Aspen Beach PPParks Day - Aspen Beach
Jul 18Big Knife PPParks Day - Big Knife
Jul 18Buffalo Lake PRAParks Day
Jul 18Cooking Lake-Blackfoot PRAParks Day
Jul 18Crimson Lake PPParks Day - Crimson Lake
Jul 18Cross Lake PPParks Day - Cross Lake
Jul 18Dillberry Lake PPParks Day - Dillberry Lake
Jul 18Gooseberry Lake PPParks Day - Gooseberry Lake
Jul 18Gregoire Lake PPParks Day
Jul 18Jarvis Bay PPParks Day - Jarvis Bay
Jul 18Long Lake PPParks Day - Long Lake
Jul 18Miquelon Lake PPParks Day
Jul 18Park Lake PPParks Day - Park Lake
Jul 18Pigeon Lake PPParks Day
Jul 18Red Lodge PPParks Day - Red Lodge
Jul 18Rochon Sands PPParks Day - Rochon Sands
Jul 18Sir Winston Churchill PPParks Day - Sir Winston Churchill
Jul 18Vermilion PPParks Day
Jul 18Writing-on-Stone PPParks Day - Writing-on-Stone
Jul 18Cypress Hills PPParks Day - Cypress Hills
Jul 18Hilliard's Bay PPParks Day
Jul 18Lesser Slave Lake  PPParks Day
Jul 18Saskatoon Island PPParks Day
Jul 18Moonshine Lake PPParks Day
Jul 18Young's Point PPParks Day
Jul 19Bow Valley  PPParks Day - Bow Valley
Jul 19Eagle Point PPParks Day - Eagle Point
Jul 19Greene Valley PPParks Day - Greene Valley