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Lakeland Provincial Park - Backcountry cabins

Decision for proposed back-country cabins within Lakeland Provincial Park

As part of our commitment in the Plan for Parks to create additional recreational opportunities for Albertans and to generate opportunities to upgrade and develop additional campgrounds and facilities, Alberta Parks proposed to build five rustic cabins within Lakeland Provincial Park.

Lakeland Provincial Park is located approximately 30 km east of the Town of Lac La Biche, approximately 250 km northeast of Edmonton. The proposed cabins will be located on the narrow strip of land called an isthmus between Jackson and Kinnaird Lakes in Lakeland Provincial Park, in the same areas the existing back-country camping sites (see map). 

The proposed cabins will be rustic wooden structures with an attached covered deck measuring 16 ft. x 32 ft. in total size.  Each cabin will have two bunk beds, a table, chairs, and a wood stove (see photo).  

Due to the remote location, the cabins will only be accessible via canoe, boat or by hiking/snowshoeing the trail into the isthmus. Access by All Terrain Vehicle's (ATV's) will not be permitted.

Feedback was gathered during a 60-day online public comment period that ended July 7, 2014. The province took all comments into consideration, along with historical and environmental reviews, before making a decision. Alberta Parks would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the proposal.

Resulting Decision

Alberta Parks has made the decision to not move forward with this proposal to build backcountry cabins on the canoe circuit in Lakeland Provincial Park.

If there are any further questions about the project, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Okrainec, Planner, Northeast Region, 780-623-5435.

What We Heard

All of the input received from the public has been reviewed and is provided in the summary entitled “What We Heard”. Overall, the majority of comments received were not in favour of the proposal.

The vast majority of responses prefer the canoe circuit in Lakeland Provincial Park remain more of a wilderness experience, with little or no additional infrastructure, or left as is. There were various concerns with maintenance and enforcement of the site because of the remoteness of the location, and several comments that this location was not appropriate, and that other sites within the provincial recreation area should be considered.

Media Inquiries

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Further Information

For further information about the proposed cabins, please see:

Disclaimer: We thank you for providing your input. Those who submit feedback will not be contacted individually regarding their submission.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022