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Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park Management Plan

Decision to Finalize the Management Plan for Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park

Through advice and recommendations from the public, key stakeholders and Indigenous communities, Alberta Parks has developed a management plan for Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park (LHCPP)

Alberta Parks conducted public consultation, stakeholder and Indigenous engagement on the management plan from July 7, 2017 to September 6, 2017.

The management plan outlines the specific issues, opportunities and challenges relevant to managing a unique and significant provincial park within a highly-developed urban setting. The LHCPP Management Plan will become the key reference document used to guide operations, development, decision-making and management of the park.  The plan is intended to help achieve conservation of natural and cultural resources while providing lasting social and economic benefits for Albertans.

 The key outcomes of the plan include:

Alberta Parks will work closely with local municipalities and Ducks Unlimited Canada to provide education on the sensitive ecology of the area to visitors while also providing high-quality, low-impact recreation opportunities. Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park exemplifies how biodiversity and urban development can exist in harmony.

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Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park Management Plan

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Updated: Mar 30, 2022