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Decision for Wabamun Lake Provincial Park
Kapasiwin Bulk Water Fill Station Proposal

The West Inter-Lake District (WILD) Regional Water Services Commission has requested a lease for approximately 2.3 acres of land within Wabamun Lake Provincial Park to construct a bulk water fill station. This water fill station is a component of a major new public water utility service project being undertaken by the Regional Water Services Commission. This new regional water system would provide a safe and reliable source of drinking water for the Villages of Wabamun and Seba Beach, the Paul Band First Nation, and summer villages and rural residents in the west end of Parkland County as well as ultimately serving the Town of Onoway, Village of Alberta Beach and summer villages and rural residents in the Lac St. Anne area.  

The "Kapasiwin" bulk water station would be located in the corner between Township Road 531B and Range Road 35.  Please see the proposal maps.

The Kapasiwin Bulk Water Station will be supplied by water from the WILD Regional Water Services Commission Regional Transmission Line, which is an extension of the Capital Region water distribution system from Stony Plain. This transmission main is being installed to service municipalities and residents of both Parkland and Lac Ste Anne Counties which are either currently lacking water distribution systems or are having problems with the quality, quantity or reliability of existing potable water sources. This bulk water station will be connected to the transmission main to facilitate access to potable water for truck delivery to rural residents and summer villages around Wabamun Lake, including Kapasiwin, and other areas not directly connected to the water distribution system.

The site within Wabamun Provincial Park is being requested because it is seen as the most suitable location in the vicinity to tie into the pipeline.  The land requested for this water station development is not required for park facilities, is physically separated from the main area of the park by Township Road 535, and has good road access as it is located between two road systems.  The water fill station benefits local residents not directly served by the water distribution system. Wabamun Lake Provincial Park may also tie into the new regional water system in the future through a connection point near the proposed water fill station.


Resulting Decision

During the application process, the WILD commission was able to find an alternate location for the water fill station and withdrew their application to build the water fill station at Wabamun Lake Provincial Park.

What We Heard

Public feedback on the proposal was limited with only eight responses received.  Although most respondents felt that it was an important and needed project, some did feel that a provincial park was not the most suitable location for such a project.

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Updated: Jan 25, 2023