Alberta Parks

Fire Bans in Alberta Parks

Fire Bans Fire Bans

A fire ban is imposed for an extreme fire hazard.


  • ALL open fires, including campfires and charcoal briquettes
  • All wood fires inside park facilities including those contained within a device


  • Portable propane fire pits contained within designated fire pits and gas or propane stoves and barbeques designed for cooking or heating

Ecological Reserves & Wilderness Areas

Fires are prohibited in Ecological Reserves and Wilderness Areas.

These classifications of the provincial parks and protected areas system do not allow for fires in accordance with legislative restrictions.

Fire Restrictions Fire Restrictions

Alberta Parks operates under a year round fire restriction state within Provincial Parks and Provincial Recreation Areas, in alignment with regulations.


  • Wood, briquette and propane/natural gas fires contained within designated fire pits
  • CSA or UL standards
    • Portable propane fire pits when placed within designated fire pits
    • Liquid or gas fueled lanterns (enclosed flame)
    • Liquid or gas fueled stoves and BBQs designed for cooking
    • Patio heaters (propane, catalytic or infrared/radiant) if deemed safe by a Conservation Officer

Wildland Provincial Parks

Within Wildland Provincial Parks, open fires outside of a firepit/facility are permitted unless you are within a designated back-country campground (in this case only the provided firepit/facility must be used) or within 1 km of any designated campground.

During a fire restriction, no open fires outside of a designated back-country campground are permitted.

Affected Parks

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The fire bans on this map are for provincial parks. For fire bans outside of provincial parks, check