Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

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Discover the increasingly popular sport of geocaching - a high-tech navigational treasure hunt!
• In the fully guided option: one of our interpreters guides your students in the background of geocaching, how to geocache as a hobby anywhere in the world, what to look for, instructions on geocaching, and how to use a GPS to find the hidden caches throughout the park.
• In the self-guided option, we will hand the teacher a set of how-to instructions and the GPS units to rent out and you’re off to explore on your own.
• Geocache Trading: Optional for students to bring a tradeable small-item for the program. Instructions on this included with the program booking.
• The fully guided program is the default option, so please specify which option you choose when you book.

Grade(s): 4 - 6
Curriculum: Physical Education
    • Outcomes A, C & D
    Field Study
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size: 30
Fees: $85 (fully guided program) or 25 (per self-guided rental)
Availability: May-October
Booking Information
Updated: Sep 28, 2023