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  • Construction Closure - Fish Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park

    Effective:  October 15, 2021

      • Effective Date: October 15, 2021
      • Where: Fish Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park
      • Why: Heavy equipment will be operating on site to relocate rock piles and make improvements to the track.

    Affected Areas
  • Construction Advisory - Fish Creek Paved Park Pathway Near Evercreek Bluffs Mews

    Effective:  September 8, 2021

      • Effective Date: September 8, 2021 - October 22, 2021
      • Where: Paved Park Pathway near Evercreek Bluffs Mews in Fish Creek Provincial Park
      • Why: Alberta Parks has authorized access through the park for a private landowner to replace a failed retaining wall and undertake measures to protect the property and home at 16 Evercreek Bluffs Mews from further slumping.

      What to Expect:

        • Trail closures will be in effect during times when active work and/or hazards may exist on the adjacent trail.
        • Dates and times for specific trail closures and when public access is permitted is posted at access points to the area.
        • Detours will be in place for trails.
        • Obey all signage and avoid construction areas for your safety.

  • Construction Closure - Granular Trail

    Effective:  August 30, 2021

      • Effective Date: August 30, 2021 until approximately October 15, 2021
      • Where: Granular trails below the community of Parkland. Please obey all signs, fencing and closures related to their work. There will also be  temporary detour pathways put in place along the damaged flood sections in HullsWood, and around Bridge 9
      • Why: To rebuild damaged and eroded granular trails

  • Construction Advisory - Stoney Trail/Highway 22X Bridge Construction

    Effective:  April 17, 2021

      Alberta Transportation will be widening the westbound lane, replacing the eastbound lane and installing a new pedestrian bridge on Stoney Trail over the Bow River.

      Work will be ongoing until the autumn of 2023 and impacted areas will include the pathway system connecting Rotary Nature Park to McKenzie Meadows and, on the west side of the Bow River, from Sikome Aquatic Facility to Lafarge Meadows.

      Additionally, please note the current pedestrian overpass is permanently closed, to facilitate construction of a replacement.

      Detours and closures for pedestrian, cyclist and river users will be ongoing during this project. Parking at Rotary Nature Park will also be intermittently closed. Please obey all signs, closures and detours.

      More project information can be found here.

      For concerns, please contact Estella Petzold from Alberta Transportation at

  • Construction Advisory - Fish Creek Washrooms

    Effective:  February 1, 2021

      Construction Advisory – Fish Creek Washrooms

      Effective Date: February 2021 – November 30, 2021


      • Votier’s Flats Washrooms, Fish Creek Provincial Park
      • Shannon Terrace Washroom, Fish Creek Provincial Park
      • Hull’s Wood Washroom, Fish Creek Provincial Park
      • Mallard Point Washroom, Fish Creek Provincial Park

      Why:  Washrooms at each day use area are being replaced due to age.

      What to Expect:

      • Portions of each day use area will be closed to facilitate construction. 
      • Parking will be limited.
      • Port-a-potties will be available for use.
      • There will be no running water or hand-washing stations available.
      • Detours will be in place for trails.
      • There will be no power at nearby amphitheaters during the entirety of construction.
      • Use caution around heavy equipment and machinery and be aware that deep trenching will be occurring.
      • Obey all signage and avoid construction areas for your safety.


      Thank you for respecting the fenced closures and your continued patience so we can complete this work for your future enjoyment.

  • Partial Closure - Fish Creek Provincial Park Pathways

    Effective:  October 16, 2020

      • Effective Date: Friday, October 16, 2020
      • Where: Various areas within Fish Creek Provincial Park, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO Bebo Grove and Hull's Wood
      • Why: Localized flooding earlier in the year has compromised the integrity of several trails. Some repairs have been made others will require more time and resources to complete.

      Due to localized flooding significant pathway damage remains. Areas affected include Hull's Wood, Bebo Grove and areas in and around Bridge 3 and Bridge 9. Please watch for and obey signage, closures and detours.

  • Closure - Marshall Springs Pathway

    Effective:  October 10, 2019

      • Effective Date: October 16, 2019 until further notice
      • Where: Local pathway between the Marshall Springs storm water pond and Bridge 5 
      • Why: Localized flooding caused by beaver activity has led to pathway damage.  As further repairs and maintenance including the removal of hazardous trees are required, the area is closed and should be avoided.  Please obey all signage and closures.  Note as snow and colder weather ensue some pathway hazards may be difficult to spot, travel with caution.

    Affected Areas

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