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Updated: Dec 06, 2019

Updated: December 6, 2019 | Print Report | Live Grooming Report

9am - 5:30pm
Meadow Hut
9am - 9pm
9am - 5pm
Trail Sports
Mon- Sun: 9:00am - 6:00pm


PUBLIC WAX ROOM #19 from Wednesday Dec 4 - Sunday Dec 8

Grooming update: Daily grooming occurring on Banff Trail to the meadow, Frozen Thunder trails, Biathlon Stadium, XC Stadium, Penalty loop and Olympic.

Snowmaking update: The team is now working on Lynx and surrounding Biathlon trails.  Please take caution when using these areas as snowmaking crews are travelling on trails with snowmaking equipment. Banff Loop and the Bow tear drop will be pushed & groomed next.

Roller packing: The snow from 4 December was roller packed on most natural snow trails on 5 & 6 December. Conditions vary from poor to fair on these trails. 

Note: The grooming team are piloting the live grooming software again this season - click the 'Live Grooming Report' link at the top of the page to see updates. There are currently some minor discrepancies visible on the live grooming report due to the way in which the trails have been set up as segments in the mapping software. When full trails are open and being groomed this should be mitigated. Refer to both trail reports for accurate information.

Event Notice - Please visit the CNC Event Page for a detailed schedule of events and trail closures. 

Be Wildlife aware - Make noise while out on the trails. Highly recommend you carry bear spray. Stay safe and keep the wildlife safe! Bear sightings can be reported to the front desk in the Day-lodge, or called in to KES at 403-591-7755.


 Biathlon Stadium  Groomed Daily
 Biathlon Range  Groomed Daily
 XC Stadium  NorAm Event AB Cup 1&2 / US SuperTour 
Thursday December 5th: Stadium CLOSED 10am-2pm
Friday December 6th - Sunday December 8th: Stadium CLOSED
Closed / Event
 Biathlon Mass Start  Not Ski Ready
 Skating Rink  Closed
 Toboggan Hill  Fair
 Legacy Trail  Open
Banff Loop   Not Ski Ready
Banff Trail to Meadow Groom: Dec 6   Track: Dec 6  Open
Banff Trail Past Meadow Dec 6 Roller Packed
Bow Junction 18-25   Not Ski Ready
Bow Past Junction 25 Dec 5 roller packed to Jct 27 (without corduroy)
Bruin Dec 6 Roller Packed
Coyote   Not Advised
Grey Wolf Dec 5 roller packed (without corduroy)
Lynx   Not Ski Ready
Meadowview Dec 6 Roller Packed
Rundle Dec 6 Roller Packed - caution on drainages, rocks present 
Salt Lake Junction 94-96   Not Ski Ready
Salt Lake Past Junction 96   Not Ski Ready
Silvertip Dec 6 Roller Packed - marginal conditions beware of shallow sections
Wolverine Dec 6 Roller Packed
King of Sweden Dec 6 Roller Packed - caution on ruts 
Upper Competition Trails
Centennial Not Ski Ready
Olympic 1.3km Sprint Course (skate groom only) CLOSED to the public from 8am - 5pm for Race
Groom: Dec 6   Track: Dec 6
Partially Closed
Lower Competition Trails
Albertville Groom: Dec 6   Track: Dec 6Open
Lillehammer Groom: Dec 6   Track: Dec 6Open
Nagano Groom: Dec 6   Track: Dec 6Open
Fat Bike Trails
EKG Open
EKG East Open
Odyssey Open
Rundle Connector Open
Blue Coal Chutes Open
Long Road to Ruin Open
Orchid Open
Other Trails
Snowshoe Trail Closed
Grassi Lakes UpperOpen
Grassi Lakes Interpretive

Seasonal closure in place due to hazardous conditions


* (m) indicates trail with machine snow capacity

Note: A valid trail pass is required to use the groomed trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre.