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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

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9am - 5:30pm
Meadow Hut
9am - 5pm
Trail Sports
Mon- Sun: 9:00am - 6:00pm


EVENT Notice: Grizzly Ultra Marathon, Sunday October 13th,  9am-5pm. A wide variety of single track and double track being used. The Roller Ski Loop will be closed during this event. Parking lots expected to be busy. Please visit the front desk inside of the Daylodge for more information. 

TRAIL CONDITIONS - Currently icy in the morning with up to 5cm in places. Warm and sunny conditions in the forecast. 

FROZEN THUNDER ROLL-OUT - Oct 9 to Oct 19, 2019:

  • Heavy equipment operating on trail. USE CAUTION and obey CNCPP signage and personnel.

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Legacy Trail Extension (Portion by Hydro Plant) ongoing starting July 02, 2019. 

Be Wildlife aware - Make noise while out on the trails. Highly recommend you carry bear spray. Stay safe and keep the wildlife safe! Bear sightings can be reported to the front desk in the Day-lodge, or called in to KES at 403-591-7755.


Biathlon Stadium   Open
Biathlon Range   Open
XC Stadium   Open
Bike Skills Park

Snow covered and icy. 

Disc Golf Course   Open
Roller Ski Loop

See event notice - Grizzly Ultra Marathon 


Closed / Event
Legacy Trail   Open
Frozen Thunder   Not Ski Ready

CNC MTB Trails


Winter ski trails are bike friendly during summer season and offer easy riding.

Green/Easy – Basic bike skills required, gradients may include short, steep sections. No technical trail features (TTFs)
Blue/Intermediate – Single track trail with rooty, rocky or smooth sections. Steeper ups and downs. Possible TFFs.
Black/Advanced – Single track with technical and committing sections. Steep ups and down, unavoidable TFFs.
MTB TrailsCommentsStatus
Banff Trail

Frozen Thunder Roll Out before Jct #3 - Heavy equipment operating on trail. USE CAUTION.

Swamp  Open
Rundle Connector  Open
Get In

Frozen Thunder Roll Out - Heavy equipment operating on trail. TRAIL CLOSED. 

Get Out

Frozen Thunder Roll Out - Heavy equipment operating on trail. TRAIL CLOSED. 

Orchid  Open
Narnia  Open
EKG  Open
EKG East  Open
Ziggy's  Open
Killer Bees  Open
Backdoor  Open
Nector Noodle  Open
The Albertan  Open
Sherwood Forest  Open
Odyssey  Open
Blue Coal Chutes  Open
Long Road to Ruin  Open
Matching Jerseys  Open
Artistic Merit  Open
Baby Beluga

Frozen Thunder Roll Out - Heavy equipment operating on trail. TRAIL CLOSED. 

Soft Yogurt  Open
Hey McLeod  Open
Mad Handler  Open
FYI  Open
Flow Trail  Open
No Homers  Open
Black Coal Chutes  Open
Devonian Drop  Open
Laundry Chutes  Open
Eye Dropper  Open
Organ Donor  Open
T2  Open
Hiking TrailsCommentsStatus
Grassi Lakes Upper  Open
Grassi Lakes Interpretive

Seasonal closure in place due to hazardous conditions