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Freshwater Monitoring: A Case Study

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Travelling by bus, students monitor the Elbow River from its pristine headwaters in Kananaskis Country to Calgary. Students test the water for a variety of abiotic factors and examine biotic features at key locations. Students also study the land-use impacts on this aquatic ecosystem.

This program is conducted in partnership with the Elbow River Watershed Partnership. Teachers are required to attend a brief teacher program orientation. 

We also offer an in-class pre-program called "Elbow River Field Study Survival guide - Go Places, Get Smart, Stay Dry".  This one-hour interactive presentation is designed to complement the field study and will be scheduled in coordination with it. 

Grade(s):8 - 9
    • FreshWater & Saltwater Systems (Grade 8)
    • Environmental Chemistry (Grade 9)
Type:Field Study / Classroom Combo
Location:Various locations in the Elbow Valley
Max. Group Size:35
Fees:$300 for both field study and in-class presentation
Availability:Spring & Fall

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Updated: Apr 12, 2018