Kananaskis Country

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Teacher-led Field Studies

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Cold Water Safety

Visitors be aware, in the mountains the water is cold all year. If you fall into the cold water it will affect you immediately.
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Register Your School GroupAs an educator, you can arrange to bring students on a teacher-led field study - without a service provider.

Division Program Grade Curriculum Theme
I Teacher-led Small Crawling & Flying Things 2 Science
    • Small Crawling & Flying Things
II Teacher-led Animal Life Cycles 4 Social Studies
    • Animal Life
II Teacher-led Plant Communities 4 Science
    • Plant Growth & Changes
II Teacher-led Waste in Our World 4 Science
    • Waste in our World
II Teacher-led Wondrous Wetlands 5 Science
    • Wetland Ecosystems
II Teacher-led Weather Watch 5 Science
    • Weather Watch
II Teacher-led Trees & Forests 6 Science
    • Trees & Forests
II Teacher-led Winter Detectives 6 Science
    • Evidence & Investigation
III Teacher-led Written In Stone 7 Science

    Planet Earth