OH Ranch HR Heritage Rangeland

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Information: 403-297-5293
A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley.

Hunting in OH Ranch HR

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Park Management

Classification Heritage Rangeland
Legislation Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act
Park Size 10,569.61 Acres / 4,277.37 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 400/2008
Administration / Information 403-297-5293
Regional Office Kananaskis Regional Office
District Fish Creek
Management Plans OH Ranch HR - Management Plan (2010)
Natural Region Rocky Mountain - Montane
Parkland - Foothills Parkland
Natural Region Description

OH Ranch Heritage Rangeland contributes to protection of native grassland characteristics and celebrates the significant ranching history of the area. The designation of the site is a result of cooperation between several government agencies and OH Ranch. The site contains grassland, aspen-dominated forests and willow shrub lands. In montane areas, there are lodgepole pine and white spruce-dominated forests. Wildlife species include wolves, cougars, coyotes, grizzly bears, black bears, moose, mule deer, elk and white-tailed deer. Grouse, hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and waterfowl have also been observed in the area.

Land Use Framework Region South Saskatchewan
Updated: Jun 12, 2023