Spray Valley Provincial Park

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A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley.
Trail Length Season Permitted Activities (Legend) Status
Goat Creek 19.3 km one-way Year-round Hiking Hiking OHVing Open
Galatea Creek

Closed: until further notice

6.0 km to Lillian Lake, 1.5 km more to Upper Galatea Lake Summer Hiking Closed
Biathlon Range Area km Winter Skate Skiing Cross Country Skiing Open
Watridge Lake (Summer) 3.7 km one-way Summer Hiking Horseback Riding - Equestrian OHVing Open
Ursa Major

Exposed dirt or rocks on the sharp corner at the top of the 2nd uphill.

3.1 km Year-round Skate Skiing Cross Country Skiing Open
High Rockies (Summer)

Jun 7: Mainly bare with a few snow patches. Observed and downed trees removed from Black Prince to Lower Lake Dam, and Goat Creek to Buller (with one tree still across the trail just north of Buller junction).

Warning: A washout has occurred on the High Rockies Trail south of the Goat Creek Trail. See details.

Note: Hiker-cyclist camping allowed at select day use areas only from Jun 1 - Sep 20. See details.


63.0 km Goat Creek to Peninsula Day Use; 80.0 km Goat Creek to Elk Pass Summer Dog Sledding Hiking OHVing Open
Banff 10.8 km Year-round Hiking OHVing not reported
Mount Shark 15 km one-way Year-round Hiking OHVing Skijoring Snowshoeing not reported
Terrace South 9.5 km one-way Year-round Hiking OHVing not reported