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  • Construction Advisory - Pelican Viewpoint, Boardwalk Beach, Long Point

    Effective:  December 18, 2023

      Visitors are to be advised of construction work will occur within Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park starting late December 2023 – July 5, 2024. Work will be occurring in and around the Boardwalk Beach, Pelican Island Viewpoint and Long Point day use and trails areas.

      Construction on site will be to completed structural and trail upgrades over the winter months of 2023-2024, finishing works will occur spring 2024. During the winter/spring months please be aware construction vehicles/equipment will be utilizing the Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park circulation road.

      Visitors are to follow all construction notices posted along the roadways, trails and parking areas. Visitors are to stay out of the construction zones during the construction period.

  • Causeway Bridge Load Reduction

    Effective:  June 23, 2023   Updated:  January 2, 2024

      A recent inspection by Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors identified structural issues on the bridge on the causeway leading to SWCPP. The identified issues require immediate load reductions to ensure the safe use of the bridge:


      JUNE 2023



      11.4 tonne (25,100 lbs)


      19.9 tonne (43,800 lbs)


      25.8 tonne (56,800 lbs)

      CS1 is defined as an axle spacing of less than 4.5m. This means that any truck / car towing a trailer that has less than 4.5m from the towing (rear) axle to the trailer axle must be less than 15 tonne (total vehicle/trailer weight).

      CS2 is defined as an axle spacing over 4.5 m. So if the spacing from the towing axle to the trailer axle is over 4.5m, the weight can be up to 25 tonne (total vehicle/axle weight).

      CS3 is defined as a truck and a full trailer with 2 tandem axles, in the case where the inter-axle spacing between the tandem axle groups is 5.0 metres or more.


      What does this mean for campers? You may be unable to bring your motorhome to SWCPP. Class A and Class B motorhomes fall under loading type CS1. Without water and sewage, a Class A motorhome can weigh up to 16 tonnes and a Class B motorhome can weigh up to 10 tonnes.


      We are working with Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors to find solutions; however, upcoming reservations will need to be cancelled if your vehicle exceeds the identified weight limits. Please call 1-877-537-2757 or visit to to cancel or change your reservation. Alternate sites that can accommodate your vehicle and camping unit are available in the area.


      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. For more information about load ratings, visit

  • Trails

    Effective:  May 18, 2023   Updated:  January 2, 2024

      Kinglet Trail (part of the interior loop of the island trails) near the entrance of Big Island, as the boardwalk is not passable. Please obey all signage for closed trail. 

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