Birch Mountains Wildland Provincial Park

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Random Backcountry Camping

Information: 780-743-7437
Due to the remote nature of these campgrounds, cleaning and sanitizing of shared surfaces is infrequent and users should be ready to sanitize high-touch surfaces upon their arrival. Be prepared with your own hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Note that cleaning supplies may be wildlife attractants, and should be stored in your food locker and away from your tent.

Birch Mountains Wildland Provincial Park is located approximately 135km northwest of Fort McMurray. Access is limited with summer access as fly-in only and winter access by road using industry roads for 115km and the remainder is by snowmobile only (on designated trails). Random backcountry camping is permitted. There are no developed campgrounds in the park. Birch Mountains WPP contains one of the most diverse intact hill systems in the Boreal Forest Natural Region. The park contains peatlands, a California gull colony, and one of Canada's only free-roaming wood bison herds outside of Wood Buffalo National Park.

Camping Notes

    • Random backcountry camping is permitted in this park.  There are no campsites or facilities.  No permit or fee is required. 
    • Review our random backcountry camping page for restrictions and recommendations on where to set up camp.
Any maps and map views are for general information only. Do not rely on them for navigation or to determine legal boundaries.
Updated: Jun 19, 2017