Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area


  • Closure - Illegal access trail to Spencer Lake across Cold Lake Air Weapons Range

      June 1, 2019

      • To deter illegal access, the trail from the northeast corner of Seibert Lake in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area (NW 34-66-09-W4) to the southeast corner of Spencer Lake (SW 2-067-09-W4) is being closed.
      • The Department of National Defense considers using this trail as an act of trespassing on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.
      • This trail is being closed as of Friday, February 24, 2017, with a fence being erected across the trail on the Air Weapons Range boundary by the Department of National Defense.
      • ATV/snowmobile access to Spencer Lake is still permitted down the north/south running Air Weapons Range boundary line from Seibert Lake to Spencer Lake, and from Touchwood Lake to Spencer Lake on the Spencer Lake Trail. 

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