Moonshine Lake Provincial Park

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  • Lake aeration in progress

      November 25, 2019

      Lake aerators create hazardous thin ice and open water. For your safety, observe posted warnings and take these extra measures while on an aerated lake:

      • Use at your own risk
      • Don't go beyond danger signs
      • Don't approach open water

      For inquires or to report a problem please call 780-538-5350.

      For more info on ice safety, check

  • Closure - Muskeg Mile Trail closed for winter 2019

      November 19, 2019

      The Muskeg Mile ski trail will be closed for winter 2019-2020 while it undergoes an assessment and maintenance.

      • All other ski trails remain open, totalling 19 km.

  • Closure - Outdoor skating rink closed for winter 2019

      November 19, 2019

      • The rink is in need of repairs and upgrades.
      • For the 2019-20 winter season there will not be a skating rink. 
      • Please contact the area office with your concerns or comments. 780-538-5350 

  • Seasonal Water Shut Off

      September 12, 2019

      • Loop C is now closed for the 2019 camping season.
      • Water systems will be shut down on September 23rd. Please bring your own drinking water.

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