Castle Wildland Provincial Park

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  • Access to Castle Wildland Provincial Park

    Effective:  May 1, 2023   Updated:  May 3, 2024

      Visitors to Castle Wildland Provincial Park are welcome to enter the Wildland Provincial Park at any time.  

      There are access points to Castle Wildland and Provincial Parks that are bordered by private land and grazing leases where recreational access is not regulated through Alberta Parks. Landowner permission is required for all access through private lands and grazing leases. Please ensure access is granted prior to your trip, if required.

      Please reference The MD of Pincher Creek Area Map for general information, or obtain a more detailed MD of Pincher Creek Ownership Map. For permission to access Public Land with Grazing Leases, labeled PGL and green on the Municipal District Ownership Map, please use the Alberta Recreational Access Internet Mapping Tool.  


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