Cypress Hills Provincial Park

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Interpretive Programs

Visitor Programs

Check out our video of Activities & Programs in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.

We offer interpretive programs for the entire family! Go on a bus tour or guided nature walk with a park interpreter.  Learn to use a GPS and go geocaching. Try fishing or snowshoeing.

For more information on interpretive programs, contact the visitor centre or look on our event calendar.

Guided Bus Tours

Additional bus tours are available during the year. These may include guided bus tours to Fort Walsh National Historic Site of Canada. Contact the visitor centre for more info.

Group Programs

You can arrange an interpretive program for a group of people, any age, year-round.

Nature Packs

Interpretive Displays

The visitor centre has interesting, interactive displays about the natural and cultural history of the Cypress Hills.

Portable Starlab

The portable starlab is a recent addition to the park's visitor programs. It is a digital planetarium that uses a computer to generate images that are displayed onto an inflatable dome via a 180-degree projector. Since a computer is creating the images, they can be quickly and easily changed and manipulated to provide views of different parts of the universe and different views of celestial bodies.

Starlab can be used in many locations at any time of the day, allowing us to provide astronomy and stargazing opportunities to a large number of park visitors, including school groups.

Special Events

Check out our special events for visitors of all ages throughout the year.