Cypress Hills Provincial Park

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Cross Country Ski Adventure

Looking to experience cross country skiing in the Cypress Hills? This XC-Ski trip will go take you on a tour of the spring creek trail system. Discover the wonderful activity of cross-country skiing and learn about winter navigation, wildlife and how to be comfortable when the temperature drops. Your 4.5 hour program includes:

- An introduction to cross countryskiing, fire-lighting and winter recreation.

- Take your students on an 8.3 km xc-ski trip, were we will go through the basics of skiing.
- Practice your winter survival skills though interactive activities.
- A pre-trip visit to your classroom to help students prepare for the trip.

Grade(s): 11 - 12
Curriculum: CTS and CTH Nat and Tou Credits
Environmental and Outdoor Education
Physical Education

    Grades 11 to 12: Physical Education outcomes: A, C, D. Meets CTS requirements

    Field Study
Duration: 4 Hours
Location: Spring Creek Cross Country Ski Trail Head
Max. Group Size: 25
Fees: $$20 per student
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Updated: Nov 3, 2023