Cypress Hills Provincial Park

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Winter Activity Day - Teacher Led

Lead your own field trip out in the Cypress Hills. Stop by the visitor Centre for a brief orientation then pick up one of our winter program kits for kindergarten to grade 2 winter activities.

Winter Wonder: Kindergarten

Half Day program
Students go on an "S" hunt to discover sounds, sights, snacks, steps and shelters of squirrels and snowshoe hares. They use four senses (excluding taste) as tools.

Animals & Winter : Grade 1
Students use an exploratory approach to discover that animals have
unique adaptations which enable them to meet their basic needs
during winter.

Students will:

  • Search for the signs and evidence of animals eating, their movement and their shelter.
  • Investigate insect galls and discover unique adaptations to survivethe winter.

Observe the natural world with magnifying glasses.

  • Listen for different sounds, noting the direction and the proximity
    of the sound, then draw those sounds.
  • Compare and contrast the textures of natural objects to provided samples.
    Identify colours in nature using a “colour palette”.

Winter Wise: Grade 2
Winter is here, temperatures are dropping and the snow is falling. Explore how the cold and snow affect animals in nature and people too.
Students will:

  • Measure temperatures and snow depth.
  • Explore camouflage.
  • Examine snowflakes and crystals.
  • Experiment with insulation and freezing.

Looking for a way to extend your field trip? When booking a teacher led activity you can access the learning centre which comes with an indoor space, firepit, toboggan hill. It is a great place to stage your visit for the day.

Grade(s): K - 3
Curriculum: Physical Education

    Kindergarten: Science
    Grade 1: Science
    Grade 2: Science

    Field Study
Duration: Full-Day
Location: Learning Centre
Max. Group Size: 30
Fees: $$60 per Class
Booking Information
Updated: Nov 3, 2023