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Dinosaur Provincial Park Virtual Excursion Video Conference

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    Discover the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this 50-minute video conference, students gain an understanding of

    • How dinosaurs lived 75 million years ago
    • How fossils formed
    • Why so many dinosaur fossils are found in this amazing park

    Check our info sheet for details.

Grade(s):3 - 10
Social Studies
    • Various
    • No theme for EDVC2
Duration:50 Minutes
Location:Location equipped for videoconferencing
Max. Group Size:Up to 4 classrooms
Fees:$100 per class
  • This program is available as a single or multipoint video conference to any classroom with high speed internet, a smart board and a laptop or webcam.
  • Call 1-403-339-1942 to book with Sarah Downey, Alberta Parks Environmental Educator, or email swparks@gov.ab.ca.
  • All video conferences must be booked in advance and have a test run.

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Updated: Mar 16, 2021