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Fossil Investigators

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    Investigate the diversity of animals that lived and thrived in Late Cretaceous Alberta. Touch and feel real fossils. Compare them to each other to discover how these animals lived and died.

    • Hike to a dinosaur bone bed (up to 2 km round trip).
    • Have hands-on opportunity to work with fossils.
    • Enjoy an opportunity to find fossils in the ground.
Grade(s):K - 3
Social Studies
    • Senses
    • Small Crawling & Flying Animals
    • General Inquiry, Rocks & Minerals
    • Citizenship & Identity
Type:Field Study
Duration:2 Hours
Max. Group Size:30 (please contact for larger groups)
Fees:$7 per student
  • On rainy or cold days, the program will consist of a classroom experience followed by an outdoor hike. Please dress according to the weather forecast.
  • School groups must book their own transportation.
  • The program may run up to 2.5 hours in length.

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Updated: Apr 11, 2018