Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Mystery Quarry Investigation

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    Come for an investigation! We take a hike through the badlands and use our observations to determine how the animals in Late Cretaceous Alberta lived - and died. 

    • Grade 4: Use your journalism skills on the way to the quarry to conclude why Dinosaur Provincial Park is so unique and important to Albertans.
    • Grade 5: Investigate and discuss skills you need to figure out what happened to animals in the mystery quarry.
    • Grade 6: You’re the palaeontologist! Use evidence and understanding to determine why and how these animals ended up in this fossil quarry.
Grade(s):4 - 6
Social Studies
    • General Inquiry Skills
    • Evidence & Investigation
    • Alberta: A Sense of Land
Type:Field Study
Duration:2 Hours
Max. Group Size:30 students
Fees:$7 per student

Updated: Apr 11, 2018