Onefour Heritage Rangeland Natural Area

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Park Management

Classification Natural Area
Legislation Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act
Park Size 27,588.81 Acres / 11,165.19 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 498/00
Administration / Information 403-893-3777
Regional Office South Regional Office
District Cypress
Natural Region Grassland - Dry Mixedgrass
Natural Region Description

This site preserves three parcels of land along the Montana border. It contains extensive grasslands, ephemeral wetlands, minor badlands and riparian shrublands. Landscape features include ground and hummocky moraine, exposed slope, protected slope, floor/stream, wet meadow, alkali wetlands, shallow marsh and springs. The site contains two igneous dykes, which are uncommon in Alberta. Many rare animals have been observed here, including ferruginous hawk, Baird's sparrow, mountain plover, burrowing owl, loggerhead shrike, plains hognose snake, leopard frog, great plains toad, western painted turtle, short-horned lizard, stonecat minnow, brassy minnow and silvery minnow. Nesting birds of prey include golden eagle and prairie falcon. This natural area also contains key habitat for pronghorn antelope, mule deer, white-tailed deer and swift fox.

Land Use Framework Region South Saskatchewan
Updated: Jun 12, 2023