White Goat WA Wilderness Area

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Information & Facilities

Information: 403-845-8349
  • Travel in White Goat Wilderness Area is by foot only.  Horses and mountain bikes are not permitted.
  • Hunting and fishing are prohibited.
  • Before visiting, inform family or friends of your intended route, camping stops and expected return time. 

Park Management

Classification Wilderness Area
Legislation Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act
Park Size 109,856.00 Acres / 44,457.14 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C.
Administration / Information 403-845-8349
Regional Office Central Regional Office
District Rocky Mountain House
Natural Region Rocky Mountain - Alpine and Sub-alpine
Rocky Mountain - Montane
Natural Region Description

White Goat Wilderness Area contains spectacular peaks over 3300 metres in elevation. The highest peaks have permanent snowfields and small glaciers. Below 2100 metres there are forests of Engelmann spruce, white spruce, fir and lodgepole pine. Above 2100 metres are grasses, sedges and wildflowers. Flowering season begins at lower elevations in June and finishes in the high alpine meadows in mid-July. Wildlife includes bighorn sheep, mountain goats, woodland caribou, elk, cougars, wolves, grizzly bears and black bears.

Land Use Framework Region North Saskatchewan
Updated: Jun 9, 2023