Wildhay Glacial Cascades Natural Area

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Hunting in Wildhay Glacial Cascades Natural Area

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Park Management

ClassificationNatural Area
LegislationWilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act
Park Size6,120.03 Acres  /  2,476.78 Ha
Legal BoundaryO.C.325/01
Administration / Information780-865-8395  
Regional OfficeCentral Regional Office
District Office Hinton
Natural RegionFoothills - Upper Foothills 
Natural Region Description

This natural area straddles the lower Wildhay River valley. It preserves a rugged area of highly eroded and dissected glacial debris along the river valley and includes diverse upland and wetland habitats. Deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests with stands of old growth white spruce, balsam fir and lodgepole pine occur throughout the site. Wetland features in the area include fens, marshes, meadows and beaver ponds. The area features rolling, broken terrain and steep slopes patterned by glacial deposits. The vegetation communities in the area provide habitat for several ungulates and carnivores.

Land Use Framework RegionUpper Athabasca 
Updated: Jul 25, 2022