Sheep River Provincial Park

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Information & Facilities

Information: 403-678-0760
Facility Operator: Kananaskis Country Campgrounds
A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley.
park begins approximately 25 km west of Turner Valley along Hwy. 546 and extends west approximately 15 km along the Sheep River


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Maps & Guides

  • Sheep River & Bluerock Map (Geo Referenced) Map, Kananaskis Country, Sheep River PP, Bluerock WPP, map, Campground: Bluerock, Bluerock Equestrian, Sandy McNabb, Sandy McNabb Equestrian, Threepoint Day Use: Big Horn, Gorge Creek, Indian Oils, Missing Link, Sandy McNabb, Sheep Falls, Junction Creek, Sandy McNabb Trailhead, Volcano Ridge Group Use: Sandy McNabb A, Sandy McNabb B Trails: Sandy McNabb Interpretive, Sheep -- 8850 False
  • Sheep Valley Trails Map Map, Kananaskis, Bluerock WPP, Don Getty WPP, Elbow-Sheep WPP, Little Elbow PRA, Mesa Butte PRA, Mist Creek PRA, Sheep River PP, Ware Creek PRA, Big Elbow Trail, Bluerock Creek Trail, Curley Sand Trail, Death Valley Trail, Elbow Pass Trail, Ford Creek Trail, Ford Knoll Trail, Gorge Creek Trail, Gorge Ware Connector Trail, Green Mountain Trail, Hog's Back Trail, Indian Oils Trail, Junction Mountain Trail, Little Elbow Trail, Long Prairie Ridge Trail, Meadow Trail, Mist Creek Trail, Nihahi Ridge Trail, North Fork Trail, Pine Ridge Trail, Powderface Ridge Trail, Price Camp Trail, Sheep Trail, South Gorge Creek Trail, Threepoint Creek Trail, Threepoint Mountain Trail, Tombstone Lakes Trail, Volcano Creek Trail, Volcano South/Link Trail, Ware Creek Trail, Whiskey Lake Trail, Wildhorse Trail, 9999 Trail, Tombstone Backcountry Campground, Mount Romulus Backcountry Campground, Big Elbow Backcountry Campground, Elbow Lake Backcountry Campground,, Kananaskis Country, Map, Bluerock Equestrian Campground, Sandy McNabb B, Sandy McNabb A, Sandy McNabb Equestrian Campground, Sandy McNabb Campground -- 8850 False
  • Bluerock Creek Trail Interpretive Pamphlet Kananaskis Country, Sheep River PP, Bluerock InterpretiveTrail, Map -- 8850 False
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  • Sandy McNabb Trail Interpretive Pamphlet Map, Kananaskis, Sheep River PP, Sandy McNabb Interpretive Trail, Map -- 8850 False
  • Sandy McNabb Trails Map with Cross Country Ski Trails Parks: Kananaskis, Sheep River PP, Map, Cross-Country Ski Trails, Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park WPP Trails: "Balsam Link Trail," Curtains Trail, Death Valley Trail, Loggers Loop, Long Prairie Loop, Macabee Loop Trail, Meadow Loop Trail, Pine Ridge Loop Trail, Price Camp Trail, Sandy McNabb Loop Trail, Sheep Trail, Kananaskis Country Death Valley Loop, Long Prairie Ridge, Sandy McNabb Connector, Meadow Loop, Loggers Connector, Loggers Loop, Price Camp, Foran Grade Facilities: Foran Grade Trailhead, -- 8850 False
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