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Read our COVID-19 guidelines by clicking this banner before visiting one of our parks. We are monitoring our operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and this page is updated as adjustments are made.
  • Bear Warning - Bear Warning - Bears are Awake

      March 5, 2021

      Bears are coming out of hibernation and will be in the area.  In springtime, bears are looking for fresh green forage and other food.  Please enjoy your hike or ride following proper bear country safety procedures. 

    Although an advisory is in place for this area, bears can be encountered anywhere in the South Region at any time. To avoid a surprise encounter with a bear:

    • Make plenty of noise and travel in groups.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Look and listen for bears and their signs.
    • Keep your pet on a leash.
    • Carry bear spray. Make sure it’s easily accessible, and know how to use bear spray.
    • Learn more about bear safety review the Bear Smart Brochure.
  • Winter Safety Notice - Avalanche Warning

      March 5, 2021

      • Increasing temperatures and persistent weak layers in the snowpack across these areas are expected to have a destabilizing effect that could make natural and human-triggered avalanches much more likely.
      • Backcountry users and anyone recreating in avalanche terrain are advised to exercise caution and to always check their regional avalanche forecasts at
      • Everyone in a backcountry party needs to have the essential rescue gear – transceiver, probe and shovel – and the knowledge to use it.

  • Weather Advisory - Hazardous Road Conditions

      December 9, 2020

      • Practice safe winter driving. Drive slowly on icy roads.
      • Be aware that cell phone reception is limited.
      • Be cautious while driving Beaver Mines Lake Road, O'Hagen and Sartoris.

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