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  • Weather Advisory - Rock Lake Provincial Park - Heavy Snow and Downed Trees

    Effective:  June 24, 2022

      Rock Lake Provincial Park received heavy accumulating snowfall on June 23rd, 2022 and travel caution is advised.

      The wet and heavy snowfall has resulted in poor road conditions that may prove difficult for some vehicles or trailers. The heavy snowfall has also broken several trees causing them to fall across the main road. Our crews have worked hard to clear the road of trees, but caution is still recommended until the road dries out. 

      For camper questions, or updates, please call the Facility Operator at 780-865-2154. 


  • Rock Lake Flooding Potential

    Effective:  June 1, 2022

      • During times of meltwater and heavy rainfall, the Wildhay River can rise rapidly, submerging the Rock Lake road.  Alberta Parks is conducting an engineering study to determine solutions for safely diverting water flow.
        • In the event of flooding, Rock Lake Provincial Park is subject to closure.
        • Visitors are advised to travel at their own risk.
        • Road conditions are being monitored.

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