Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

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Web of Life

All animals and plants are connected in the web of life. Whether you are an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore, we are all connected with food chains and the need to survive. Students will discuss, act-out and explore these topics as well as investigate firsthand how animals and plants survive and get what they need in nature. One of the activities in this program includes catching and identifying small invertebrates as part of our hands-on animal investigations.

Grade(s): 3
Curriculum: Science
    • Nature Food Chains
    • Interconnectedness of Plants and Animals
    • Animal and Plant Survival
    Field Study
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: Miquelon Lake Provincial Park
Max. Group Size: 30
Fees: $85
Availability: May - October
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Updated: Sep 28, 2023