Spray Valley Provincial Park

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Ribbon Lake Backcountry Campground

Information: 403-678-0760
Lat: 50.886506 Long: -115.248081
Due to the remote nature of these campgrounds, cleaning and sanitizing of shared surfaces is infrequent and users should be ready to sanitize high-touch surfaces upon their arrival. Be prepared with your own hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Note that cleaning supplies may be wildlife attractants, and should be stored in your food locker and away from your tent.

Ribbon Lake Backcountry Campground is in Spray Valley Provincial Park. There are several different ways to access it, including trail heads at Buller Mountain Day Use, Galatea Day Use, and Ribbon Creek Day Use. Note that there is a very steep section of trail with chains to aid climbing between Ribbon Falls and Ribbon Lake. Ribbon Lake is a gem tucked away in the heart of Spray Valley. Enjoy the peace and tranquility at this site. Here there are tent pads, pit/vault toilets and secure food storage lockers. 

This trail from Ribbon Creek Day Use is 10 km one way with 625 meters of elevation gain and is rated hard. Secondary access from Galatea Creek Trail/ Guinn's Pass Trail/ from Galatea Day Use is 9.4 km and 870 m of elevation gain. Tertiary access via Buller Pass Trail from Buller Mountain Day Use is 9.2 km and 670 m of elevation gain.

Please note that it is illegal to remove, deface, injure or destroy trees. Using dead wood lying on the ground for firewood is also prohibited.


Jun 24 - Nov 30
Site Type Campsites Rate / Person / Night Water Source
Designated Backcountry 20 $12 Lake



Updated: Sep 9, 2021