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Just the facts

Government promised to modernize Alberta’s Crown land management system, as part of its Common-Sense Conservation Plan. Critics are spreading misinformation about this important work. Get the facts on our efforts to improve Alberta Parks, strengthen partnerships with community providers, and ensure Alberta’s special outdoor spaces remain sustainable, accessible and protected for everyone to enjoy.

Just the facts (poster)

Committed to conservation

FACT - Government is committed to protecting parks and all sensitive areas on Crown land.

FACT - The government has been clear – current park sites will remain free from industrial and commercial development.

FACT - Every year, we protect more ecologically sensitive land.

FACT - There will be no coal mining in protected Crown land areas.

FACT - These areas belong to all Albertans, and they will stay that way.

Working with partners

You’ve probably heard a lot about partnerships lately, but that concept isn’t new. Tens of thousands of volunteers across Alberta help protect our natural environment together, making Alberta a world leader in conservation.

FACT - Alberta’s government has secured or maintained partnerships for 170 parks and public recreation area sites across the province. No parks sites will be delisted, all will remain open and accessible to Albertans, and all will retain their current designations and associated protections – regardless of whether a partnership is secured.

FACT - Partners have been essential to our provincial parks system since the first parks were established in 1932. They work with us to enhance visitor experiences, connect people to nature, and conserve our natural and cultural heritage.

Over the years, we’ve built operating agreements with partners in 121 provincial parks and recreation areas to manage day-use area facilities, campgrounds and concessions. There are also long-standing relationships with Park Ambassadors, Campground Hosts and other volunteer organizations that do trail maintenance and other work to support quality visitor experiences. We are working to strengthen existing partnerships and build more!

FACT - Environment and Parks continues to work with interested groups to secure new operating partnerships and extend others. We’re seeking additional partnerships with municipalities, non-profits, Indigenous communities and others to manage some sites.

FACT – All sites will continue to be open and accessible to Albertans to enjoy. Sites will not close to the public. They will remain protected. They have not and will not be sold.

Celebrating partnerships

Government is keeping its promise to strengthen partnerships with non-profit parks societies across Alberta. We’re providing almost $500,000 to the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society, to help the group continue their conservation and ecology work, while upgrading education and visitor information.

Government also announced a new partnership with Nordiq Alberta to groom cross-country ski trails in Kananaskis this winter. Learn more.

Keeping parks accessible and sustainable

Alberta Parks’ land base has increased dramatically over the years, from 3,500 km2 in 1991 to 44,000 km2 in 2019. Previous governments grew the system without funding it properly for the long-run. Faced with an unprecedented economic crisis, we’ve had to look for new ways of doing things and making sure taxpayer dollars are used wisely. This means being smarter with resources for recreation too, as Alberta’s population increases.

FACT - We’ve stopped inefficient programs that benefitted few people, like flying in firewood to remote campsites. Instead, we’re focused on our core business and services for visitors and campers.

Improving parks

Alberta’s government is committed to maintaining recreational opportunities, including campground facilities, trails, day-use areas and more. Outdoor recreation is a key part of our economy and Alberta’s Recovery Plan, supporting opportunities and jobs in tourism, hospitality and services. That’s why we’re investing $43 million to improve trails and pathways, as well as upgrading day-use areas and campgrounds across Alberta. We are also working to make it easier for individuals, businesses and other groups to apply for permits for things like special events – check out our recently revamped online permit portal.

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