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Pilot Project: Reducing Noise in Campgrounds


Alberta Parks is introducing a pilot project to reduce noise and improve camper experiences in Provincial Parks and Provincial Recreation Areas. Excessive noise can negatively affect campers, hindering their ability to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. To help minimize these impacts, we are piloting new rules for fuel generators (generators running on gas, diesel, or propane) at a few select campgrounds across the province this summer. These new rules, effective June 1, 2022, will reduce noise overall while continuing to provide some opportunities for fuel generator usage in participating campgrounds, ensuring that all campers can enjoy their stay in Alberta’s parks.

Participating Campgrounds

Fuel Generator Use Rules


Why is Alberta Parks instituting rules on generator use through this pilot?

Question: Why is Alberta Parks instituting rules on generator use through this pilot?


  • In recent years, we have received feedback through visitor satisfaction surveys suggesting that rules for fuel generators, including restricted hours, would improve overall camping experiences.    
  • We recognize that there are many potential sources of noise in campgrounds; however, we have heard from Albertans that fuel generators are especially disruptive. By introducing these rules as part of a pilot project in a few select campgrounds, we hope to reduce noise while continuing to provide some opportunities for generator usage.   
  • Excessive noise complaints put pressure on Alberta Parks' staff, conservation officers and facility operators, while reducing visitor satisfaction. It is our hope that introducing new rules will make the great outdoors more enjoyable for everyone.   

What kinds of generators are permitted in the participating sites?

Question: What kinds of generators are permitted in the participating campgrounds?


  • Fuel generators are permitted within posted hours in participating campgrounds.  
  • Wherever possible, we encourage the use of “inverter generators” (i.e. energy-efficient/low noise) over industrial sized fuel generators. We also recommend that generators do not exceed 60 decibels (measured on the A-weighted scale at 50 feet). The use of sound barriers and base padding should be considered if a low noise generator is not being used.  
  • We strongly encourage using portable solar panels and batteries when possible. Solar generators, which emit little to no noise, are not subject to these new rules.

When and where can I use my generator?

Question: When and where can I use my generator?


  • Fuel generator use is permitted only between the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in participating campgrounds.
  • Fuel generators are not permitted in powered campsites except as required during a power outage for visitors requiring an electrical source for medical purposes (e.g. CPAP or BIPAP machine). 
  • Visitors with medical needs who are unable to secure a campsite with electricity are advised to contact Alberta Parks in advance, with as much notice as possible, to determine if alternate arrangements can be made. Alberta Parks may grant a medical exemption if no alternative is available. Please see the bottom of this page to submit an exemption request for your visit. 
  • Visitors should note that a neighbouring campsite during their stay may have a medical exemption.  
  • A campsite occupant must be present while the fuel generator is in operation.  
  • Unless mounted to a truck or trailer, fuel generators must be placed on designated campsite pads (the gravel or cement area of the campsite, excluding the driveway) when in use. Generators must always be clear of surrounding vegetation to mitigate the risk of fire. 
  • The fuel generator exhaust must not be pointed in the direction of a neighbouring campsite. 
  • Quiet hours remain the same, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. 
  • A $10.00 change fee will be charged by our online system. However, changes or cancellations made prior to April 22, 2022, will be eligible for a change fee or reservation fee refund. Refunds can be requested via the Contact Centre at 1-877-537-2757. Refunds will only be provided for the campgrounds where fuel generator rules apply. 
  • If you visit one of the participating campgrounds, please provide us with feedback on the pilot initiative by completing your survey following your stay.

Medical Exemption Request  

Please select a campground for your medical exemption request.
Updated: Mar 9, 2023