Cypress Hills Provincial Park

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Reesor Hills TCT

The Reesor Hills TCT Trail is a epic hike, bike or equestrain ride that takes you to some of the best lookouts in the Cypress Hills. This trail connects to the existing Trans-Canada Trail just west of the Reesor Viewpoint and then heads east along hills and ridges along the northern edge of the Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

Length 19.8km one-way
Elevation: 533m
Type: Out-and-Back
Summer biking/cycling,fat biking,hiking,hiking (winter),horseback riding,snowshoeing,trail running Biking/Cycling Hiking Horseback Riding Trail Running
Winter Fat Biking Hiking (Winter) Snowshoeing
Trail Map
Trail Width 1.2m
Surface Type Natural
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Updated: Oct 6, 2023