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Blackfoot West (from Waskehegan Staging to Round Up trail)

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Blackfoot Trail is the longest equestrian trail in Cooking Lake-Blackfoot and in summer, can connect you through to Blackfoot Staging Area.  This leg of the Blackfoot trail runs mainly along the park fence line, bordering Elk Island National Park.

  • The section of Blackfoot trail that runs between Waskehegan Staging Area and the north boundary fence has a very steep dip with side angle.  This is NOT recommended for wagons or sleighs.  Watch for signs indicating steep hill.  Take Boundary trail instead.
Partially Closed

Sections are Wet and Muddy, proceed with caution 

Northwest corner of Blackfoot trail (known as J.J. trail) is closed due to beaver activity, flooding and major damage to bridge.  Impassible.

The Section from Waskehegan and east of JJ intersection all the way to dynamite lodge is open and cleared.

Blackfoot west between Wapiti and Baker Springs has had flooding on trail and at the approach just before the bridge. proceed with caution, may still be wet. 

Section around Geese and Bog lake has high water - heavy beaver action - watch for felled trees


Caution - wagons and sleighs not recommended on the portion of trail heading north from the staging area along the inner east trail heading toward the the north park boundary. Trail can be narrow and steep. 


Length:13.6 km
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Updated: Aug 3, 2022